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Agent Resources

Here is where you can find all of our agent resources. Downloads, lead vendors, phone scripts, carrier information, underwriting guides and more can all be found down below.

Agent Quick Links


Facebook Leads

Lead Vendors



Live Transfers


  • 10+ state licenses minimum

  • $80- $135 a call 

  • Billed per call after two minutes 

To set up, please email Kyle at

  • Let him know you work with Marissa Mazziotti from Family First Life.

Click the button below

AFTER you've gotten your account setup.


  • $54.95-$60.95

  • Billed per call

  • Call the company to set up at:

  • (888) 522-7355

Click the button below

AFTER you've gotten your account setup.


  • Tier 0-5 available 

  • $65-$100 per call

  • Billed per call

Click the button below

AFTER you've gotten your account setup.

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LIVE dials is a meeting room that is open 24/7 for every agent. Agents tune into the meeting with their cameras on and can un-mute their mics whenever a client answers the phone. Top producers give live feedback to help you on the phones!


Join our LIVE dials meeting by

clicking the button below!

There is a passcode required to enter so connect with your manager to receive access.

Live Dials

We are a national company so our team is located all over the United States. We use Zoom to ensure our that everyone on our team is constantly getting the support and assistance that they need.

Zoom Transparent.png

Zoom Hub

Every other Monday at 5pm PST/8pm EST we hold our Agency Call. We welcome a special guest speaker to talk about the amazing opportunity here. We cover tons of different topics from getting your license to how to be Top Producer in your first month. Check out our social

media for weekly updates!

Click the button below to tune in!

Agency Call


Training Calls

This weekly session is designed to empower you with recruitment and team-building strategies for success. Tune in every Monday at 9am PST/12pm EST to learn from top agency owners!

Click the button below to tune in!



Click the link below to view all

previous call recordings!

Screenshot 2023-12-07 at 9.50.31 AM.png

Tune in to learn more about Simple Retirement Solutions! Top Producers and Carrier Reps hop on to share everything agents need to know in order to better help families with their financial planning.

Thursdays at 9am PST/12pm EST

Click the button below to tune in!

Click the link below to head to FFL's SRS site! This has all the previous SRS Lift Off calls and extra resources for everything about Simple Retirement Solutions!

Family First Life goes LIVE on

Facebook and YouTube every Friday for the The Next Level call! Join us at

8am PST/11am EST

Click the buttons below to be directed to Family First Life's Facebook or YouTube!

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Phone Burner is a dialing software where agents can import their leads and have them dialed automatically. Most of our top producers use phone burner because it helps increase their volume and activity on dial days.

You can sign up for an account and get 30% off by clicking the button below!

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To visit their training website which includes videos and tools to teach you

how to use the software,

click the button below!

As a new agent, you'll need some supplies. Click the button to get a list of supplies all agents need to help families!

New Agent


This is a list of EVERYTHING new agents need to do in order to start protecting families!

Click the button for a full To-Do list!

Prym Group

Mortgage Protection Training

FFL Prym Group put together this incredible training on Mortgage Protection. Click the button below to access this YouTube training playlist! 

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