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FFL takes pride in being the best agency for life insurance agents all over the country. There are several different ways you can get paid with FFL. Listed below are the different types of earnings and bonus programs we offer. If you have any questions on whether if you qualify or what your rate should be, please reach out to your direct manager. If you'd like to download any of these files,

the links are listed below and labeled accordingly.


If you have any questions about your comp rate, message your direct manager. Download the PDF version by clicking the button below. 

Comp Plan (1).png
Comp Plan (2).png
Comp Plan (3).png
Comp Plan (4).png


Once you and your team issue over $150,000 in life insurance annual premium (AP) you get promoted to a managerial status of Vice President (VP). Vice Presidents qualify for the bonus listed below. If you have questions about becoming qualified for this bonus, talk to your direct manager.

VP Bonus 2024


As a producer, you can qualify for a monthly bonus if you issue over $30,000 in life insurance annual premium (AP). This is based completely on your personal production.

If you have any questions please message your direct manager.



As an FFL agent, you qualify for promotions based on only your production. 

Comp grid.heic

Produce & manager levels

Producer levels are based on the amount of personal production that issues.

Manager levels are based on on yours and anyone you've hired's personal production that issues.

Ask your direct manager about any questions.

Producer Level Guide1024_1.webp
Manager Levels Banner.webp
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