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Meet Our Team

Marissa Mazziotti

Inspire Insurance Group Agency Owner


Marissa started her career in the life insurance industry during the summer of 2020. She had a very diverse portfolio of experience in almost every industry. Throughout all of her endeavors she always felt that something was missing. She knew she wanted to help people, so she kept searching. She needed an opportunity that would pay her enough to support her own family, so she could work towards her goal of helping others and making a difference. It was when she found the life insurance industry, that she finally felt like she could make a real impact while being able to afford her own bills and expenses comfortably.

Inspire Insurance Group was founded in January of 2021. After closing our first full year as an agency, we helped protect over 5,000 families all over the nation. In our second year, we helped over 15,000 families! With only 7 agents in her first month, Marissa was able to build Inspire Insurance Group into a team that now has over 200 active agents.

Marissa's next goal is to lead our agency into helping over 20,000 families in 2024. She's also focusing on helping new agents build their businesses, so that they can do the same.

Marketing Director

Leilahni Dangidang

Leilahni optimizes all social media outlets and marketing strategies to ensure that FFL Inspire Group is reaching our projected target market to our fullest potential and sharing this opportunity with as many people as we possibly can.

Onboarding Director

Jade Dismukes

Jade assists all agents through our onboarding process. Whether they're already licensed or need to get their license, Jade assists all new agents. Once they're licensed, she helps them get contracted with carriers and get into the field as soon as possible.

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