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Alaska State Licensing


Total cost to get your state license in Alaska:

Exam Fee: $89

Permanent Licensing Fee: $75

Fingerprinting & Background Check: $63.25

NIPR/Sircon Transaction Fee: $5

Total Cost For Licensing: $232.25

Step 1: Schedule Your Exam

Click the button below to be directed to your state's preferred testing provider. Make sure you schedule your exam NO LATER than 10 DAYS from TODAY'S DATE. You will need to pay for your exam to complete your scheduling. You are testing for LIFE ONLY.

Testing Provider: Pearson VUE

Phone Number: 800-274-5993

Exam Code: InsAK_Life01

Step 2: Finish Online Course/Study Materials

The online course we use is called Xcel. Click the button below to get directions on how to set up your account. You need a password to access the study material. Please ask your direct

manager to provide that password. DO NOT share it with anyone.

Step 3: Get Fingerprinted

After you've finished your course work and while we wait for your exam date to come up, let's get you fingerprinted! Click the button below to get information on scheduling your appointment, what you need to bring, when you pay the fees, and where the fingerprinting sites are.

The fee for digital fingerprinting is $15 to cover the IdentoGO by IDEMIA service charge for capturing your fingerprints. You will also include a check payable to the Alaska Division of Insurance for $48.25 to cover the cost of the criminal background check with the FBI. The fee total for fingerprinting services is $63.25.

Anchorage-based applicants can schedule online with Pearson VUE or call 866-761-8069 to get their fingerprinting done at their exam center.

All other applicants may contact IdentoGO by IDEMIA at 866-761-8069 to request an FBI FD-258 fingerprint card.

When you complete your fingerprinting appointment, you’ll receive a fingerprint card. Keep your fingerprint card because you’ll need to mail it in at a later step. The required FD-258 card, which Pearson VUE or IdentoGO will send to you, will include a digital version of your fingerprints.

Step 4: Apply For Your License

Congratulations on passing your state exam! Time to apply for your license! This is when you'll pay for your permanent licensing fee and the transaction fee.

Department of Insurance

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